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Hire an Access Platform in Dorchester

Many companies in UK work as the one who supply cherry pickers and truck platforms around the Dorchester area.

. Cherry Picker Hire UK are the experts who specialize in hiring cherry pickers and are the one who put safety and security on the first hand. The IPAF trained operators are fully qualified with IPAF certification. The company ensures that the machines are working correctly and safely. It has a wide range of quality equipment which are regularly checked for repair or maintenance on a daily basis. This makes Cherry Picker Hire UK to deliver a detect-free product. The team of the workers are fully trained with the latest requirements that include CSCS, IPAF and Road signing, lighting and guarding.

The operators and workers are CSCS verified which makes the client trust more on them. CSCS is a scheme designed to improve individual quality. It makes the individual to get knowledge and awareness about health and safety issues. This leads to the reduction of accidents.

They provide tracked access platforms for self-hire which helps in traffic management. All the operators and workers are trained in street works and reinstatement in Dorchester. They are also trained in signing lights and guarding. This allow to develop a positive relation with Dorchester authorities to work on the highway in the day time. The training and qualification of the workers have given the company an edge to work at the busy locations.

Another unique service the company provides is the free site surveys. When the client is unaware of the required products or equipment or is not sure, then Cherry Picker workers’ visit the site to discuss the equipment that fit the site and is the safest. This one to one meeting helps workers to develop a relation with the clients. There are some benefits of this service. These benefits include:

  • Getting help from the workers to use the correct machine
  • Avoiding any transportation charges for the delivery of machine
  • Getting suggestions about the usage of machine

With the trained staff and safe machinery, Cherry Picker also provide with the facility to carpet the temporary road ways to protect gardens and lawns. The specially designed temporary roadways are Dura Desk portable road ways. This Dura Desk is the ground mat which helps to protect the ground, sand, mud etc. This is used to protect the surface from vehicles, trucks and large machineries. It is also useful for many industrial applications. It is durable and easy to maintain.

Moreover, the company provides flexible and easy going fleet of truck mounted platforms. These platforms are comparatively cheaper and durable. The working platforms are easy to maintain and can work at the busy locations as well. The products provided for self-hire are full with fuel which makes clients more comfortable with the equipment. The wide range of products gives a large number of uses which include:

  • Gutter maintenance
  • Sealed units replacements
  • Cavity wall work
  • Pest prevention
  • General building maintenance
  • Bat surveys
  • Line of sights
  • Temporary repair of communication system

If you’re in the Dorchester area and need these services look towards Cherry Picker Hire UK

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