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Damage Insurance

Under CPA term & conditions of hire (Ref our Terms) the client/hirer is responsible for the insurance of the machines, Whether it’s operated or on a self hire basis either road going vehicle, self propelled boom, scissor lift, operated truck mounts etc.

We can upon request provide the cover required at a cost of 20% of the Hire charge (e.g. if the hire was £500 the cost of insurance would be £100) this cover.

Includes the vehicle/machine as soon as it is collected or delivered to site and this includes all loss and damage that could occur through its use.

What you are covered for with our Insurance

  • Vandalism and Fire Damage
  • Theft (Subject to terms)
  • If the machine hired is a road going vehicle/ used on a public highway cover is provided for the third party property or injury to any person.

What the Insurance does not cover

  • There is an excess of the first £2000 of any claim, Damage to tyres including punctures, damage caused by chemicals or corrosives, damage caused by misuse or negligence, Damage my Over spray/paint, Damage by Fire (if caused by negligence) Damage to third party property or injury to any person whilst off a Public Highway, racing or whilst carrying persons for hire or reward.

  • Theft of hired machines where the Hirer has left the machine and preventative measures have not been taken i.e. without placing it in a securely locked Compound, and ensuring that it is immobilised.
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